Flood Adjuster Training Course Online


Learn all there is to know about "The 4-Corners of Flood Insurance..."

Our National Online Flood Adjuster Training Program is now available! Experience the first online training program ever developed that is exclusively designed to address the needs of America's flood adjusters. This flood adjuster training course represents the collective knowledge and experience of several generations of NFIP flood adjusters and subject matter experts, and it is the first of its kind to provide a comprehensive study of this most important federal program.  It is also the first program to provide detailed and consistent instruction on the application of adjusting principles and techniques to the peril of flood in a way that effectively prepares and guides both new and experienced flood adjusters to increased productivity and accuracy, as well as greater levels of customer service for NFIP's policyholders.

The 4-Corners of Flood Insurance

The flood adjuster training course covers the "Four Corners of Flood Insurance." The 4 Corners curriculum provides practical explanations and examples of the various flood insurance products offered by the National Flood Insurance Program, all of which are supported by interactive, multi-media components that deliver, with startling clarity, practical and meaningful instruction in a reinforced-learning format that ensures maximum comprehension and retention.

Our Flood Adjuster Training Program includes:

Learners can enroll in each of the flood adjuster training courses individually for a fee of $75.00 each; or you can purchase the entire "core curriculum," The 4-Corners of Flood Insurance, for only $240,00, a discount of $60.00 (20%).  Ongoing access to this online flood adjuster training program is granted for one-year from date of purchase, after which continuing access to the course will be available on an annual subscription basis for the discounted rate of $99.00 per annum.  Think about it!  A flood adjuster training program that gives you the all the knowledge and tools to continue producing stellar work and  maintaining or increasing your revenue stream, regardless of how much time passes between engagements!  Ready to get started? Register Today!

*Note: Due to the focus and "federal" nature of this course, Adjuster Continuing Education (CE) credits for this "very special" online program are not provided.