Persis Whitehouse

Director of Education

AE21 is made up of, and has access to, many subject matter experts, but none so invaluable as Director of Education, Persis Whitehouse. Not only is she totally versed in the licensing and CE rules in every state in the nation where continuing education (“CE”) is required of company and independent adjusters, she is, perhaps the most skilled “customer service professional” in the Company, which makes her VERY valuable to both us and YOU!

A graduate of The University of Kentucky, whose skillsets in communication and service were honed by lengthy and productive tenures at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and vacation resorts across the South, Persis has a unique ability to “connect” with the customer or client, and never fails to come through. Her knowledge, demeanor and communication skills have assisted her in the development of productive relationships with almost all of the insurance departments across the country.

Persis is responsible for seeing to the proper certification of adjuster licensing and continuing education courses in the various states within which we do business, and she makes sure that rosters are filed in a timely and quality manner.