Florida Insurance Adjuster Continuing Education

AE21 Online currently offers a full suite of online training to get your insurance adjuster license in Florida and courses for Florida insurance adjuster continuing education ("CE"). Our online class offerings are so comprehensive that we even provide all lines adjuster training. If you are a claims professional seeking greater knowledge and understanding in the practice of claims adjusting and loss mitigation, contact AE21 for Florida insurance adjuster continuing education and training. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about getting your insurance adjuster license in Florida below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Adjuster Licensing

1.  What kind of adjusters must be licensed in Florida?

All adjusters of every kind and type must be licensed.


2.  Can I get a license for just a specific kind of adjusting, like property, catastrophe, or auto?

No.  There is only one type of license: an All Lines Adjuster License.  *Note: For Public Adjusters, there is an All Lines Public Adjuster License, preceded by a very limited Public Adjuster Apprentice License.


3.  Do I have to take an exam to get the All Lines Adjuster license?

Yes, unless you secure your adjuster’s license by “Designation”.  For more information on designations, click here: Designations


4.  Do I have to take an examination if I want to switch from one adjuster license to another?

Quite possibly.  If you have a valid company or independent adjuster license with Florida, you qualify for an equal or lesser license without examination.  Nonresident adjusters may be exempt from the examination, please review the adjuster reciprocal list.  This list can be found here:  Reciprocating States.  *Note: If you want to switch from a resident company or independent adjuster license to a Public Adjuster license, you will be required to take the public adjuster examination per Florida Statue 626.221.


5.  What is Reciprocity?

Reciprocity refers to a mutual agreement between states whereby an adjuster holding a license in one state can successfully apply for a license in another state and vice-versa. This is important to adjusters because it means that in many cases you can apply for a license in another state without having to first pass that state's exam or pre-licensing course, a benefit that can mean significant savings in time and money.


6.  What other states are reciprocal with the Florida adjuster license?

Click here for the official list as reflected on the Florida Department of Financial Services website: Florida Reciprocating States


7.  Can I apply for a license if I have any kind of prior criminal history?

It depends.  Click here for the Florida DFS rule.


8.  I've been approved for an examination but now I have a designation. What do I do now?
You will need to send proof of your designation to the Department.  If your authorization for examination has not expired, you will need to call the Department to get the application corrected for approval. If the authorization for examination has expired, you will need to reapply for the license.


9.  I've submitted fingerprints to another department.  Are those fingerprints acceptable?
No. Fingerprints from outside of Agent and Agency Services are not acceptable.


10.  When does my license expire?

Licenses will expire if more than 48 months elapse without an appointment.  Failure to complete continuing education may result in cancellation of such appointment(s).

11.  What do I have to do to get my license back if it expired for lack of an appointment?

You must re-qualify as a first-time applicant.


12.  How do I check the status of my application?

The status of adjuster applications and licenses can be checked by going to Licensing.  After you get there, log in to My Profile, about half-way down the page.


Continuing Education

1. Who must take continuing education units?

All Florida-licensed adjusters, regardless of license type or claim practice. This means W/C, Auto, Property, General Liability, Marine, Commercial Lines, Personal Lines, and even Public Adjusters. It makes no difference if you have a 524, 624, 520, 620, the Public Adjuster 320-license, or any other type of license, the requirement exists.


2. What is the CEU requirement?

For compliance periods ending through September 30, 2014, the State of Florida requires, of all adjusters, 24 hours of CE in a two-year period referred to as a “compliance period”. The 24 hours are broken into specific categories as follows:

Law - 10 Hours
Optional - 12 Hours
Ethics - 2 Hours

A course can only be taken once in a three year period. *Check course numbers to make sure you do not take a course more than once in a three year period.

*Important! DON'T DUPLICATE YOUR EFFORTS by repeating a course you've already taken! Florida DFS only allows a course to be taken once in a three year period. Review your CE transcript by visiting My Profile on the Florida DFS website. Compare the course number to make sure that you haven't previously taken the course in the past 3 years. And don't focus on the course title! It's the course number that counts. If you're still not sure, call us first at (800) 820-4550. Your time is valuable. Don't waste it taking a course that will not count towards your current CE compliance period!


3. Is it possible for me to repeat a course that I have already taken with another provider?

No.  Our courses are unique to AE21 Online. Other providers may have courses with similar names, but in no way are they the same course.  All courses certified by the Florida Department of Financial Services receive a unique course number.  You cannot take a course with one provider and then take the same course with another provider.  But please refer to question number 2 regarding the repeating of courses with the same course number.


4. What is my compliance period?
Your compliance period is determined by the date you were licensed and your birth month. Your continuing education hours are due the last day of your birth month, after you have held the license for a minimum of 24 months. [Rule 69B-228.220(1)(a), F.A.C.]

Date Licensed - July 11, 2010
Next Birth Month - June, 2011
Compliance start date - July 1, 2011
Due date - June 30, 2013


5. What happens if I do not get my continuing education hours done by the end of my compliance period?

You will be assessed a $250 fine and you will be required to complete your remaining continuing education hours. You will first receive a Preliminary Notice of Non-Compliance and a Settlement Stipulation in your MyProfile account approximately 45 days from the end of your compliance period. The Settlement Stipulation must be signed and returned to the department at the address listed on the form. Once the department receives your signed Settlement Stipulation, a Consent Order with an Invoice will be added to your MyProfile account. The invoice should be returned to the department at the address listed on the form within 30 days after it is issued with the $250 fine paid in full. You will have 120 days to complete your remaining continuing education hours.


6. What will happen if I do not sign my Stipulation Agreement and/or do not pay my fine?

Your appointment will be cancelled.


7. How can review my credits CEU transcripts?

The following link will take you directly to the Agent Education Database where you can get your own official transcript:



8. How do I change or update my address?

You must update and/or verify your addresses and other information through your MyProfile account. If you have another license, such as an agency license, you will need to verify and update the addresses on file for that license via its separate MyProfile account.

*NOTE: Most licensees have 30 days from the change in your information, to notify the Department or be subject to administrative action (s. 626.551, F.S.); however, bail bond agents have 10 working days to do so (s. 648.421, F.S.).


9. I need to update my name, date of birth, or social security number. How do I update that on my license or with the Department?

You must mail or email the request to change your name, date of birth, or social security number. You must attach LEGIBLE supporting documentation (marriage certificate, articles of incorporation, driver's license, social security card, etc.) to the address below.

Florida Department of Financial Services
Bureau of Agent and Agency Licensing
200 E. Gaines Street, Room 419
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0319
Email: AgentLicensing@MyFloridaCFO.com

Please allow 7 - 10 business days after receipt for processing. You will receive an email from "FloridaAgentLicensing@MyFloridaCFO.com" once your file has been updated. After your name has been updated, you may download a copy of your license by logging in to your MyProfile account. Bail bond agents must apply for a duplicate license in their MyProfile account and pay a $5 fee.


10. How do I contact the Department of Financial Services?

Bureau of Licensing
200 East Gaines St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0319
Telephone: 850-413-3134
Email: Education Inquiries: Education@MyFloridaCFO.com


Claims Training

Complete curriculums are available for Florida adjusters and others who wish to become familiar with the fundamentals of insurance and loss adjusting practice. Readily available programs are: