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AE21 Online currently offers adjuster licensing exam prep in Connecticut.  We are one of the industry’s finest training centers for those looking to start their claims adjuster career. Those who go through our training program will be better prepared to pass the exam and practice with their Connecticut insurance adjuster license. Our most frequently asked questions about going for and maintaining a Connecticut claims adjuster license are below. If you are ready to start the process of earning your Connecticut insurance adjuster license or seeking greater knowledge and understanding in the practice of claims adjusting and loss mitigation contact us today.


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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Adjuster Licensing

Our Connecticut Adjuster License Exam-Prep Courses provide the fastest and most effective learning experience to prepare for and pass the Prometric Connecticut Adjuster Licensng Exam.  These courses offer the best possible solutions to both entry-level and experienced adjusters seeking licensure.  They're are self-paced and provide the ultimate flexibility in whatever learning style that suits you best.

We offer exam-prep courses for 3 different Connecticut adjuster licenses.  The follow questons cover these courses:

  • Casualty Adjuster’s All Lines Insurance (18-09) Exam Prep
  • Casualty Adjuster’s All Lines Except Workers’ Compensation Insurance (18-10) Licensing Prep Course
  • Casualty Adjuster’s Auto Insurance Only (18-12) Licensing Prep Course


1. What are the requirements for a Connecticut resident adjuster license?

To obtain a Casualty Claim Adjuster license, an individual residing in the state of Connecticut must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • Be financially responsible and of good moral character;
  • Successfully pass the state required licensing examination for the type of license desired; and
  • Apply to the Connecticut Insurance Department for approval

NOTE:  Connecticut defines a Casualty Claim Adjuster as “any person (individual or entity) who or which investigates Property and Casualty claims and negotiates settlement of, or subrogation of such claims.”


2. What types of Casualty Claim Adjuster licenses does Connecticut offer?

Connecticut offers four (4) different types of licenses for Casualty Claim Adjusters including:

  • Casualty Adjuster’s All Lines Insurance (18-09)
  • Casualty Adjuster’s All Lines EXCEPT Worker’s Compensation (18-10)
  • Casualty Adjuster’s for Workers Compensation Insurance (18-11)
  • Casualty Adjuster’s Auto Insurance only (18-12)

This course will prepare you for the “Casualty Adjuster’s All Lines Insurance” (18-09) Prometric Licensing Exam.


3. Does the Connecticut Insurance Department require adjusters to complete a Pre-licensing Course prior to taking the State Licensing Exam?

No.  There are no “pre-licensing” requirements for casualty claim adjusters.


4. Who administers the CT Casualty Adjuster’s Licensing Examination?

The Connecticut Insurance Department has contracted with Prometric to conduct its examination program at various testing centers located throughout the state/country.  Prior to taking the exam, applicants must contact Prometric to:

  • Register for the desired exam
  • Pay the exam fee
  • Schedule an appointment to take the exam


5. What types of questions will be on the Exam?

The course follows the Casualty Adjuster’s “All Lines” Examination Content Outline” as listed in the Connecticut Insurance Department’s Licensing Information Bulletin.  There are nine (9) major areas of study including:

  • Insurance Regulation
  • Insurance Basics
  • Adjusting Losses
  • Homeowners Insurance Policy
  • Auto Insurance
  • Commercial Package Policy
  • Businessowners Policy
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Other Coverages

The Exam will include 100 multiple choice questions in which you will have 120 minutes to complete.  You must achieve a score of 70% or higher to successfully pass the exam. Click here to view the 18-09 Exam Content Outline along with additional information on the exam.


6. Upon successfully passing the exam, what do I need to do to secure my CT Adjusters License?

Submit the completed application, $130.00 fee, and original Connecticut Examination Score Report provided by Prometric to the Insurance Department.  Click on the link below to the CT-CLIC website for more information.

Connecticut Licensing Information Center (CT-CLIC)


7. What if the FAQ’s do not address my question/issue?

Call us toll free @ 1-800-820-4550.  If we can’t answer your question we will refer you to someone who can.


8. How can I contact the Connecticut Insurance Department (CTID)?

CTID Phone#: (800) 203-3447

CTID Website:


Continuing Education

Connecticut does NOT require continuing education for continued licensure as an adjuster.


Claims Training

Complete curriculums are available for adjusters and others who wish to become familiar with the fundamentals of insurance and loss adjusting practice. Readily available programs include: