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Adjuster Licensing

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Adjuster Licensing

Residents of Arkansas, or non-residents of states that do not require such licensure, who wish to become licensed Arkansas adjusters must have at least one (1) year of adjusting experience or must work under the supervision of another licensed adjuster before qualifying to take the Arkansas Adjuster License Exam.  The exam is administered by Pearson-Vue.  Non-residents who are licensed in their home state may secure a license without taking the exam or having to meet any experience requirements.  Currently, we are carefully examining the best way to help adjusters prepare for the state licensing exam in order to provide a solution that will best meet your needs. 


Continuing Education

1. What are the AID continuing education requirements for RESIDENT Adjusters?
Resident Arkansas adjusters are required to complete 24 hours of Continuing Education within their 2-year licensing period. A minimum of three (3) of the total 24 hour requirement must be dedicated to the subject of Ethics. This CE requirement becomes effective with adjuster license renewals beginning in 2012.


2. What are the AID continuing education requirements for NON-RESIDENT Adjusters?
Non-residents who have qualified by being licensed as an adjuster in their home state are exempt from continuing education requirements.


3. What are the AID rules on repeating courses? 
No licensee may be granted credit for a program more than once during a single license renewal period. To avoid duplicating efforts, always check the course number of the course you intend to enroll in and compare it with your transcript via the AID web portal @

Course numbers for approved CE courses are always unique to the provider offering the course. 
Even if the title of the course you are considering looks familiar, if you haven’t taken the course previously with AE21 Online, you won’t be repeating the course.


4. What are the AID rules on CE carry-over hours?
Excess educational hours accumulated during any biennial period may be carried forward only to the next biennial period. Continuing education carried forward to the following calendar year shall expire upon commencement of the second (2nd) biennial period following completion of the hours.


5. Does the AID provide extensions of time for a Licensee to complete CE?
According to Rule 50, “for good cause shown, the commissioner may grant an extension of time during which the continuing education requirements may be completed. What constitutes good cause for the extension of time rests within the discretion of the commissioner”.

AE21 suggests that you contact the AID directly to discuss specific requirements necessary to file the extension.


6.  Can I fulfill all of my Arkansas CE requirements by completing online Self Study Courses?
Yes. There are no restrictions on the type or number of online Self-Study programs an adjuster can take to fulfill their CE requirement.


7. Does AID require a Final Examination and if so, what are the Requirements?
The AID requires that all Self-Study courses must include an examination for students to receive credit. Our exams consist of 25 multiple choice questions. CE credits will only be allowed if the student achieves a grade of 70% or higher. Students are allowed three (3) retakes if you don’t pass the first time.


8. Proctor Affidavit Requirement
The Arkansas Insurance Department (AID) requires that online CE course final examinations be monitored by a “disinterested third party” (defined by AID as any person with no family or financial relationship to the licensed adjuster). The proctor must sit with the adjuster while completing the online examination and attest to the fact that the student did not use study materials or receive any assistance during the exam. The monitor must sign the attached “Proctor Affidavit” (Appendix G) form for you to receive CE credit. This form will be provided at the conclusion of the CE program for completion.  Click here to view a sample of the Arkansas Proctor Affidavit (Appendix G).

Please note that CE credit hours for completing the course cannot be given until we receive the fully completed/signed Appendix G form and file it with the Arkansas Insurance Department.


9. Where do I send the completed Appendix G form?
Upon completion, the form must be returned to AE21 Online either by fax @ (813) 632-9377 or by email to


10. After completing an online Self-Study course, how are my CE course completions reported to the AID?
Reporting course completions is the CE provider’s (AE21) responsibility. Upon receipt of your fully completed “Appendix G” form, we will file your course completion directly with the Arkansas Insurance Department and provide them with a copy of the Affidavit as required by Rule 50.

The completion date of the exam will be the date AE21 receives the fully completed Appendix G form.


11. Will I receive a Certificate of Completion from AE21 upon completing a course?
Maintain a copy of the fully completed & signed Proctor Affidavit Form (Appendix G), which will serve as your Certificate of Completion.


12. Does the AID provide online access to my license and CE status/transcript?
Adjusters can view the most current information as reflected in the Department's records regarding the number of continuing education hours credited to them via the AID web portal @

13. What if the FAQ’s do not address my question/issue?
Call us toll free @ 1-855-985-2672 or 1-800-820-4550. If we can’t answer your question we will refer you to someone who can.


14. How can I contact the Arkansas Department of Insurance (LDOI)?
AID Phone#: Local (501) 371-2750 or Toll Free (800)-282-9134

AID CE Website:

AID License Lookup:

AID Email address:

General Mailing Address:
Arkansas Insurance Department
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Little Rock, AR 72201


Claims Training

Complete curriculums are available for adjusters and others who wish to become familiar with the fundamentals of insurance and loss adjusting practice. Available programs include: