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Adjuster Licensing and Continuing Education FAQs

One of the most frustrating things about adjuster licensing and continuing education is that every state has its own rules, processes and procedures. Perhaps the most maddening thing of all is that they are often difficult, if not impossible, to find, interpret, or understand.  We can change all that!  Read our AE21 Online FAQ to familiarize yourself with the adjuster licensing and training process.

Because of our exclusive focus on the adjusting community, there aren't many questions we can't answer for you, and if we don't know the answer, we'll find it!  For the most common questions about AE21 online courses, just scroll through our AE21 Online FAQ below. For "state-specific" inquiries, click here and then select your desired state.


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Using Our System


1. How do I set up a User ID and a Password?

You select and enter your own User ID and Password when you enroll in your first course.


2. If I forgot my User ID and password, how can I retrieve them?

If you have forgotten your User ID, please refer to the Welcome email that you received when you were originally enrolled in our system, or contact us at

If you have forgotten your password, or you find that your password is not working, click on the “I forgot my password” link on the website Welcome Page.
Your password will be sent to your email address.  If this retrieval process does not work, contact us at 800-820-4550.


3. How do I view the AE21 course catalog?

Click on Course Catalog on the Welcome Page menu bar. The catalog is split into 3 parts: Adjuster CE by State, Adjuster Licensing, and Claims & Legal Training topics.


4. What types of payment do you take?

We take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover charge cards and debit cards within the eCommerce system of the AE21 Online Learning Management System (LMS). We also take checks that are mailed to our main office, but course access is not granted until the check has been deposited and cleared.


5. What is AE21’s refund policy?

Online Courses: If, within 24 business hours after logging in to an online course, you are not satisfied, we will issue you a complete refund, no questions asked!  Refunds will not be issued in any case if requested more than 7 days after purchase or if you have completed more than 25% of the course.  All refunds issued will be subject to a minimum administrative fee of $1.00 or 5% of the purchase price, whichever is greater.  Classroom Courses: See Course Description page on the AE21 Online Learning Management System for details on refunds for specified classroom courses. To obtain a refund, contact AE21 Online at (800) 820-4550.


6. How do I use your system?

Detailed instructions for registering in the AE21 Online system and enrolling in one or more courses are available as “3 Easy Steps” on the Course Detail Page of every course you select.

Detailed instructions are available directly from the Welcome Page in the “red” “Online Tips” box just above our web-presenter, Jodi. You can also access and download these instructions from the “System Tips & Troubleshooting” link on the Welcome Page menu bar.

**Also, for an even more detailed and visually effective tutorial on using the AE21 Online system, try our Demo (the orange circle on the bottom of the Welcome Page).  It shows how to use the system from beginning to end.


7. Once I begin a course, how long do I have to finish it?

Most course enrollments are good for 90 days. Licensing Exam-Prep courses may be longer. The enrollment term is listed on the respective Course Detail Pages of all courses in our catalogs.


8. Will my course be available on any computer?

Courses are available to all PC’s, Mac’s, and iPads or tablet computers.


“Exam Waived” Licensing Courses


1. How long do I have to complete the course?

Most licensing course enrollments are good for 90 days. Limited extensions may be granted upon request. 


2. Am I able to go back and review material that I’ve already covered?



3. Do the licensing courses have exams?

Yes.  Both Florida and Texas “Exam-Waived” courses have their own final exams.


4. Are the courses or exams timed?

Only the Texas All Lines Adjuster Course Final Exam is timed.  The maximum time allowed is 3 hours.


5. How I get multiple attempts at exams?

Yes.  With both the Florida and Texas exams, you have 2 tries.  If you fail both times, our Subject Matter Expert will review your exams, analyze the areas where you need additional focus, and offer you a personal counseling session before the exam is reset for your 3rd (and final attempt).  If you fail the 3rd time, you can retake the entire course at 50% of the course fee.


6. How will I receive the certificate that shows I completed your licensing course?

A temporary certificate is available from the system on the bottom left-hand corner of your Profile page.  The official Certificate of Completion will be emailed to the email address that you have provided within 48-72 business hours of completion.


Exam-Prep Licensing Courses:


1. Am I able to go back and review material that I’ve already covered?

Yes. The courses are entirely flexible to your needs. You can review and re-review any module in the course according to your personal wishes and learning style. If you are a new prospective licensee, you may wish to take the course material in the order in which is offered, as it is designed in a cumulative, building-block approach that promotes “reinforced-learning”, understanding and retention.

If you have experience and simply want to review certain areas before trying your hand at the Practice Exams, you can do this.


Continuing Education Courses


1. Are AE21 courses certified for CE’s in my state?

To find out if we have state-approved CE for your state, select your desired state-specific page from the map offered under each of the Licensing and Continuing Education sections. If we do, you'll see it there!  We currently offer CE in 15 states, including all 14 of the states that require CE of company (i.e. carrier) adjusters.  We are working our way through all of the remaining states that require CE of both company and independent adjusters.


2. Do your courses have exams?

Insurance regulators (i.e. Departments of Insurance) in ALL states require that online courses have exams. The only exceptions are the “Classroom Equivalent” online courses in Texas. They do not require a “final” exam, but they do require “knowledge checks” (i.e. mini-exams) of 5 questions each for every 15 minutes of online course material. Most of our Texas courses are of the “Classroom Equivalent” type.


3. If a course has exams, how many attempts do I get?

Attempts are unlimited.


4. Are the courses or exams timed?



5. What is the difference in a self-study course and a classroom equivalent course?

See the answer above, re: “Do your courses have exams?”


6. Am I able to go back and review material that I’ve already covered?

Yes. Some states allow for “Open Book” exams. In these states you may go back and review the material prior and during the exam. Other states require that all exams be “Closed Book”. In these states you can go back and review the material prior to the exam, and if you do not pass, you can review the exam for what you missed, review the material again, and then take the exam again.


7. How do I find the price for AE21 courses?

Prices are listed on the Course Detail Page of each course in their respective catalogs.


8. Are there any fees not included in the course price?



9. When will my credits be reported to my state?

This is a VERY frequent question, and is one with which many adjusters are often uncomfortable; yet there is no reason for concern.

Online CE credits are reported to state regulators once each day for all courses taken the day before. Despite such claims made by certain providers of “CE’s are reported twice or 3 times per day”, regulators in insurance departments do not react to these multiple filings. CE’s are reported in all states via automated systems that automatically record the credits.

Licensing CE requirements are fulfilled (and credited by insurance departments) as of the date the course was completed… NOT the date it was filed. So, if you complete an online course today, the last day of your license period and the deadline for your CE requirement, no matter when the course is reported (all regulators give providers from 10 - 21 days to report CE rosters), the regulator will determine your license CE compliance/renewal qualifications by the date you completed the last course/requirement… NOT the date the credits were reported.

If you are uncomfortable with, or do not believe this, call the Department of Insurance in the state you are licensed. They’ll tell you the same!