“Exam Waived” Licensing Courses

1. How long do I have to complete the course?

Most licensing course enrollments are good for 90 days. Limited extensions may be granted upon request. 


2. Am I able to go back and review material that I’ve already covered?



3. Do the licensing courses have exams?

Yes.  Both Florida and Texas “Exam-Waived” courses have their own final exams.


4. Are the courses or exams timed?

Only the Texas All Lines Adjuster Course Final Exam is timed.  The maximum time allowed is 3 hours.


5. How I get multiple attempts at exams?

Yes.  With both the Florida and Texas exams, you have 2 tries.  If you fail both times, our Subject Matter Expert will review your exams, analyze the areas where you need additional focus, and offer you a personal counseling session before the exam is reset for your 3rd (and final attempt).  If you fail the 3rd time, you can retake the entire course at 50% of the course fee.


6. How will I receive the certificate that shows I completed your licensing course?

A temporary certificate is available from the system on the bottom left-hand corner of your Profile page.  The official Certificate of Completion will be emailed to the email address that you have provided within 48-72 business hours of completion.


Exam-Prep Licensing Courses:

1. Am I able to go back and review material that I’ve already covered?

Yes. The courses are entirely flexible to your needs. You can review and re-review any module in the course according to your personal wishes and learning style. If you are a new prospective licensee, you may wish to take the course material in the order in which is offered, as it is designed in a cumulative, building-block approach that promotes “reinforced-learning”, understanding and retention.

If you have experience and simply want to review certain areas before trying your hand at the Practice Exams, you can do this.


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