Continuing Education Courses

1. Are AE21 courses certified for CE’s in my state?

To find out if we have state-approved CE for your state, select your desired state-specific page from the map offered under each of the Licensing and Continuing Education sections. If we do, you'll see it there!  We currently offer CE in 15 states, including all 14 of the states that require CE of company (i.e. carrier) adjusters.  We are working our way through all of the remaining states that require CE of both company and independent adjusters.


2. Do your courses have exams?

Insurance regulators (i.e. Departments of Insurance) in ALL states require that online courses have exams. The only exceptions are the “Classroom Equivalent” online courses in Texas. They do not require a “final” exam, but they do require “knowledge checks” (i.e. mini-exams) of 5 questions each for every 15 minutes of online course material. Most of our Texas courses are of the “Classroom Equivalent” type.


3. If a course has exams, how many attempts do I get?

Attempts are unlimited.


4. Are the courses or exams timed?



5. What is the difference in a self-study course and a classroom equivalent course?

See the answer above, re: “Do your courses have exams?”


6. Am I able to go back and review material that I’ve already covered?

Yes. Some states allow for “Open Book” exams. In these states you may go back and review the material prior and during the exam. Other states require that all exams be “Closed Book”. In these states you can go back and review the material prior to the exam, and if you do not pass, you can review the exam for what you missed, review the material again, and then take the exam again.


7. How do I find the price for AE21 courses?

Prices are listed on the Course Detail Page of each course in their respective catalogs.


8. Are there any fees not included in the course price?



9. When will my credits be reported to my state?

This is a VERY frequent question, and is one with which many adjusters are often uncomfortable; yet there is no reason for concern.

Online CE credits are reported to state regulators once each day for all courses taken the day before. Despite such claims made by certain providers of “CE’s are reported twice or 3 times per day”, regulators in insurance departments do not react to these multiple filings. CE’s are reported in all states via automated systems that automatically record the credits.

Licensing CE requirements are fulfilled (and credited by insurance departments) as of the date the course was completed… NOT the date it was filed. So, if you complete an online course today, the last day of your license period and the deadline for your CE requirement, no matter when the course is reported (all regulators give providers from 10 - 21 days to report CE rosters), the regulator will determine your license CE compliance/renewal qualifications by the date you completed the last course/requirement… NOT the date the credits were reported.

If you are uncomfortable with, or do not believe this, call the Department of Insurance in the state you are licensed. They’ll tell you the same!


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