Our "Defining Difference"?  VISION...!

Imagine... training programs that expand your knowledge, test strategies, and explore best practice techniques in an interactive learning environment;

Imagine... learning and relearning the latest in insurance case law, legal concepts and doctrines, and emereging issues facing the claims industry in an environment that reinforces the learning process with infallible effectiveness;

Imagine... a learning experience that can take place anytime, anywhere...from home or work...from the individual to small or large groups located right in your own office;

Imagine... the first hands-on, interactive professional claims training curriculum ever produced exclusively for the claims industry...more effective, easier to access and use, and available to you at a fraction of the cost of traditional educational programs; and finally,

Imagine... multimedia training that challenges an adjuster’s knowledge and judgment on what to do first, second, third, and so on...all the while explaining the "why" behind the methodology with step-by-step instructions. 

Just imagine a decision-tree approach to learning, where you can learn both the right way and wrong way to approach a claim.  Like a pilot in a flight simulator who experiences a crash and burn" outcome, you too can receive immediate feedback and then press "Reset" to try again until you get it right. Such is the AE21 Online vision of the future of claims adjuster training.

Innovative Online Claims Training

Stimulate and Improve Learning Through The Power of Technology

Innovative online claim learning can be just like real life, but with one added safety feature:

You can always try again.

In the ultimate interactive online learning environment, you can explore actual case studies that are developed from real world experience, either by role playing or evaluating characters engaged in fictional situations that revolve around one or more topics.  Watch video segments, examine documents, read memos and listen to conversations.  Then enter a decision-tree challenge and base your responses on your own knowledge and information you have gathered about the case...making decisions which will eventually determine the outcome of each claim situation.  Work through real world challenges in stimulating,  “no-risk” environments where you can apply your knowledge, practice your skills, make mistakes, and fail without being reprimanded, sanctioned or embarrassed.  Without the risk of financial loss to clients or employers, you will gain insight that will enable you to apply smart, successful techniques in a true real world setting.


Cases & Teaching Materials

Similar to conventional training methods and printed case studies, the content of online learning and multimedia claim simulations is based on real-life claim dilemmas, or “snapshots” in time of claim scenarios.  They can even be assigned as homework, just like a paper case study; but the similarity ends there.  The multimedia case study unleashes the power of video, sound and computer simulation to bring these claims to life.  You can press closer to a real-life situation by watching or listening to interviews with Insureds, claimants and witnesses.  You can see actual footage of work environments, business premises or automobile accidents as they looked before, during or after a loss.  And you can interact with the case study and make key decisions.  Decision tree simulation tools will show the impact of those decisions within seconds.


Learn Anywhere, Anytime... and at a Fraction of the Cost!

Research has shown that an investment in online learning can both increase the effectiveness and reduce the overall cost of training when compared to traditional methods of delivery. For more information on how online claims learning, continuing education and professional development can improve you or your team's performance, contact AE21 Online now...or better yet, why not just get started?!  Click here to return to the Home Page and make your selections...