Claims Adjuster Training: Foundations for Learning & Professional Development

Our insurance adjuster training courses are created with one goal in mind... increasing the knowledge and skills that make better adjusters. From individual courses to entire curriculums, you'll learn principles of insurance and claims practice that will help you keep up with the changes in loss exposures faced by a dynamic, evolving society. We also offer the industry's first and only "National Online Flood Adjuster Training Program" - Scroll down to learn more!

National Online Property & Casualty Adjuster Training Program

Property and Casualty Claims Training

The Property & Casualty claims adjuster training online course is an introductory program in multi-line insurance claims adjusting. This comprehensive claims adjuster training program introduces you to the world of insurance, its products and policies, and to the claims profession. You'll be exposed to principles of insurance and adjusting practice, and be required to interact with course material and apply principles of coverage, law, and loss adjustment in order to achieve appropriate claims outcomes. Our objective in offering this insurance adjuster training program is to provide you with the best possible opportunity for learning what claims practice is all about, to prepare you for the work that is required in a claims environment, and to get you ready to assume the responsibilities one must accept as an adjuster.

Each section in this claims adjuster training course is prepared in a sequential, building-block approach that explains insurance coverages, principles and practices, identifies factual scenarios with legal and contractual claim exposures, and concludes with practical applications of coverage analysis and claims adjustment. The National Property & Casualty claims adjuster online training course implements a unique and proprietary system of “reinforced-learning” that not only gauges the level of understanding of the material, but ensures user retention.

A “suitable for framing” Certificate of Completion attesting to your completion of the program, and will represent a solid first step along the continuum of professional training and development in the multi-line insurance claims adjusting. 

Price:  $179.00    Click here for access our state of the art learning management system and enroll today!

National Online Comprehensive W/C Claims Management Training Program

Comprehensive Workers' Compensation

The National Online Comprehensive Workers' Compensation Claims Management Training Program that is specifically designed to serve as a well-rounded curriculum of learning for adjusters, medical case managers and other insurance professionals, regardless of experience level, who seek the knowledge and skills of “best workers’ compensation claims practice.”  

Tried, tested, and widely applauded across Florida's W/C claims community for more than 10 years, this program has been revised to fit the national scene and all jurisdictions, and is the first and only claims adjuster online training opportunity of its type! Nowhere else can one achieve so much knowledge, convenience and benefit for so little in time and cost!

After completing a collection of ten (10) online courses, students will walk away with the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective in the management and minimization of an employer’s workers compensation loss costs. Curriculum includes such courses as Introduction to Insurance Claims Adjusting, The Origin and Evolution of Workers' Compensation, The Compensability of Workers Compensation, The Benefits of Workers' Compensation, The Intoxication Defense, Employers Liability and Coverage B: Claims of a Different Color, Evaluating and Reserving W/C Claims, The Economics of Workers' Compensation, Medicare Setasides and Claims Management, Strategic Claims Negotiations, and Advanced Medical Anatomy for Casualty Claims Professionals.

When finished, a “suitable for framing” Certificate of Completion will attest to your completion of a solid first step along the continuum of professional insurance adjuster training and development in the complex field of workers’ compensation claims adjusting and claims management.

Price:  $249.00    Click here for access our state of the art learning management system and enroll today!