About AE21 Online

It all started more than 20 years ago when the insurance industry began to shift its focus on adjuster training from lengthy, formal training programs and close supervisory guidance to more segmented process-driven claims environments where an adjuster's work was guided by technology and "on the job" training.  The world of claims had begun to change, and with it the expectations of adjuster behavior and performance.

Moving into the Future...

Then, in October 1997, AE21's President, Jim Greer, got a glimpse of the future after participating in one of Harvard Business School's initial experiments in multi-media training; it was in the midst of this experiment that the vision of "online multimedia insurance adjuster training" was formed.  So began the long journey to create a product that not only didn't exist, but one that industry participants couldn't even imagine, much less visualize.

Today, that vision has become a reality, and AE21 Online is transforming the world of adjuster licensing, training, and continuing professional development (aka "continuing education") on not just a national, but a global basis, where customers wishing to learn the ways of an insurance adjuster come from as far away as Africa and India to experience "the Vision"!  

Now you, too, can share the vision through AE21's proprietary claims adjuster training curriculum, "The Making of a Claims Professional®" and experience the "Defining Difference" of this template for the future.  Click here to learn more about AE21 online adjuster training and join us today.  You'll be glad you did!